Group Mentoring 


PipCountFX provides mentoring services for traders that would like support in specific areas of our Forex trading course. Our weekly curriculum offers our mentoring members an opportunity to tune into our live weekly webinar mentoring sessions, going over specific subjects in our course.

Each class lasts 90mins, with 60 mins dedicated to teaching, followed by a 30min Q/A to run through any questions our members have about the subject covered in each class. 

Below is an example of some of the subjects we cover in the mentoring program. We cover three subjects per week, completing the course in week four (30day's). We also encourage our mentoring members to put forward idea's of subjects they would like to be covered, so our team can create mentoring sessions that are tailored to the needs of our members.  

Curriculum Timetable:

Weekly Subjects 

Class One (Week One) 

  • What is Fore

  • Exchange Rates 

  • Who Participates in the Forex Market

    • Section 2: Central Banks

    • Section 3: Governments 

  • Forex Market Infrastructure 

    • Section 2: Market Sessions

Class Two (Week One) 

  • Tradeable Currencies 

    • Section 2: Advantages of a Floating Exchange Rate 

  • Buying and Selling Currency Pairs 

  • Computational Methods

    • Section 2: Trading Sizes

    • Section 3: What is Leverage and Margin

    • Section 4: Profit and Loss


Class Three (Week One) 

  • Central Banks, Interest Rates and the Money Supply

    • Section 2: Interbank Overnight Rate

  • The Interest Rate (Carry Trade)

    • Section 2: Hot Money Flows

  • Fiscal Government Policies 


Class Four​ (Week Two) 

  • Endogenous Economic Indicators 

    • Section 2: Leading Indicators (Inflation)

    • Section 3: Inflationary or Deflationary Expectations 

    • Section 4: Leading Economic Indicators 

    • Section 5: Co-Incident Indicators 

    • Section 6: Lagging Indicators


Class Five (Week Two) 

  • Final Score Card Analysis (Video Section)


Class Six (Week Two) 

  • Creating a watchlist 

    • Inflationary currencies 

    • Deflationary currencies 

    • High-Interest rate currencies 

    • Low-Interest rate currencies 

    • Central Bank Speeches / Forecasts 

    • Fiscal Government Policies 


Class Seven (Week Three) 

  • COT Report

Class Eight (Week Three) 

  • Timing Your Trades 

    • Technical Chart Patterns 

    • Momentum Indicators 

    • Trend Analysis 

    • Entry Strategies

Class Nine (Week Three) 

  • Price Action Record 

  • Risk Management 


Class Ten​ (Week Four) 

  • Position Sizes

  • Using Stop Loss & Take Profit (Video Selection)

  • Adding Positions 


Class Eleven (Week Four) 

  • Order Types 


Class Twelve (Week Four) 

  • Self Awareness 

  • Keeping a trading Journal 

  • Forex Brokers 


60 Mins

Dedicated to teaching each subject highlighted in the Curriculum above.


Ask our support team any question you have about the information taught in each class

Support Team

If you still require extra help, message our support team for one to one help

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