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Our forex Intermediate Video Course is tailored to giving new traders a professional education on understanding the foundations of the forex market. The content of the course covers the mechanics behind how the forex market operates. The videos included in the course will give you an understanding of how professional traders in hedge funds, investment banks and individual investors analyse the value of a country's currency through looking at a multitude of economic data.

The data you will be analysing will provide new traders with a thorough understanding of how macroeconomic cycles, creates inflationary or deflationary conditions within a domestic economy that causes a currency to gain or lose it's purchasing power. Once we understand the outlook for the economic performance of a country or region, we are then able to predict what central banks and governments will do in reaction to the forecasted outlook through the use of interest rates and fiscal policies, that are used direct the economy to achieve their economic objectives. The policy response set by central authorities will have a direct impact on the value of a currency in exchange rates. 

You will learn how this endogenous analysis will give you the professional approach to create a bias as to whether you want to buy or sell a currency based on the inflation or deflation created endogenously through the data you will analyse. We use a scorecard system to get to a final bias as to how committed we are to buying or selling a currency.

In our advanced professional course, we then take our endogenous analysis and then do an exogenous analysis whereby we compare one country's currency to another to get a fundamental trade idea as to whether we want to buy or sell an exchange rate.

We then use a gatekeeping process whereby we use Technical analysis, price action and risk management strategies to time our trading positions into the market.

If you decide to take our advanced course, the beginner's course price will be deducted on your upgrade to our advanced professional course.








What's Covered in The Course?

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