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Course Overview


 Our forex Course is tailored to giving new and experienced traders a professional education on how to invest in the forex market. The content of the course covers the mechanics behind how the forex market is created, traded and used by professional traders to invest and profit from changes in a currency's exchange rate price. This course will provide new traders with a thorough education to understand macroeconomic cycles, economic data, central bank policies, inflation and interest rates, technical analysis and risk management strategies and many other key topics covered in the course. 


The course includes the following topics: Some of the key sections are covered with additional Video's to explain each topic in greater detail.   














What's Covered?

Benefits of The Course

Understand How Economic Data Effects The Value of Currencies.
Learn How To Analyse Charts using Technical Analysis
Learn How To Analyse and Trade Economic Data. 
Learn How To Analyse Charts using Technical Analysis
Learn How To Protect Your Capital Through Risk Management Strategies. 
Understand How To Combine Fundamental & Technical Analysis To Be a Profitable Trader.

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