Forex Signals Service

Our Forex market signals service is designed to provide our members throughout the trading day with live trading opportunities in the markets. At PipCountFX we offer an exciting new way for traders to learn how macroeconomic data, political events and central bank policies directly affect the value of currencies in exchange rates. We share fast and exclusive information from highly reputable market analysts at investment banks with over 20 years experience who provide market commentary on all breaking news events and economic data to help our members have an edge in the markets.


Members will receive live signals from our trading team with clear and easy instructions to follow with entry price, stop-loss price and take profit targets. This allows our members to profit from opportunities in the markets whilst receiving live market commentary throughout the trading day. Our head trader Kayan shares with our member's his personal views on the markets via video material throughout the trading day. He informs our members about his personal positions in the markets including his reason for taking trades so members can understand why he is positioned in the market. Whether you're looking for a service that allows you to combine fundamentals and technical analysis with your own strategies, or a service that provides you with trading idea's and educational material, our service will help you to become a successful independent trader. 

What Do I Get As A Member?

Trading Signals

Members Area


Strategy Guide

News Trading Time Table

Entry Price

Daily Video Analysis

Risk Management


Technical Chart 


Stop Loss Price

Central Bank


Investment Bank Trade Idea's

In-Depth Live Trade Management

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Currency Analysis

Live News Feed Channel 

Educational Webinars

Whats Our Strategy
Trading Set Up's

We provide our members with trading set up's when ever our head trader Kayan Kalipha see's strong trading opportunities in the market. Our members receive short video's explaining what's driving markets and why's we feel it's a good opportunity to invest. We then share our analysis on how we intend to enter and exit the market, alongside the best entry price, stop loss price and take profit targets for each set up. Once our set up's have been triggered, we will advise our members on how to manage the open positions, whilst providing members with our live market analyst channel giving an in-depth analysis of each currency throughout the trading day.

Daily Video's
  • Fundamental Analysis 

  • Trading Set Up's

  • Market Updates

  • Economic Indicators (Data)

  • Inflation & Interest Rates

  • Central Banks News

  • Technical Chart Analysis 

  • Political Events 

Members Area Access
  • Technical Analysis Video Set Up's Page

  • Central Bank Monitor Page

  • Central Bank Analysis 

  • Central Bank Commentary 

  • Central Bank Forecasts

  • Currency Analysis - Fundamentals / Technicals

  • Investment Bank Analysis

  • Economic Calendar 

  • Risk Management 

How Much Do I Need To Start Trading?

You can to start trading with as much as you like, however, we advise you stick to our 2% risk management strategy by investing with a strong account balance. 

You can invest with small amounts of capital, however this requires investors taking bigger risks to see meaningful returns, and this strategy is strongly not advised.

Where is the service delivered?

Our service is provided through Telegram which is an instant messaging mobile app. This allows us to provide our service directly to your mobile phone allowing you to learn whilst you earn regardless of your location. 

Our members area access in our website also provides members with educational material, alongside all trading set ups sent through Telegram.

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